CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability The Implementation of Connected Reporting Framework in the Electric Utility Sector in Czech Republic         Wilson Jordão Filho 11.01.2010   The financial sector supports indirectly sustainability when considering  environmental and social performance of projects by the time of lending  and investment decisions. Banks and investment funds can stimulate  borrowers to pursue SD and comply with sustainability principles in many  ways. However as the financial world is a quite conservative sector many  financial institutions are yet in a initial stage on this subject. The progressive involvement on the awareness of sustainability by  financial institutions is a fact. Innovative packages of concerns, attitudes,  and strategies to allow the official engagement of financial institutions in  the worldwide sustainability effort can be called as "sustainable finance".  It is referred to the application of CSSR (Corporate Sustainability and  Social Responsibility) fundamentals to the financial area, either as a  financial corporation itself caring about its reputation, or as funding  provider to other corporations (working capital or project funding)  interested on sustainable development (SD).  Banks and investment funds may achieve sustainability in three forms; a) requiring corporate sustainability  information from all corporations presented as borrowers, b) requiring specific reports on project  sustainability for those ones applying for funding; c) improve their own banking routines for economic  evaluation of projects by incorporating new standards focusing effects of sustainability on their  performance, and adopting SD as a source of investment value.  Leading financial institutions (including the World Bank) have begun to recognize SD as a source of  investment value. Many international financial institutions are now watching trends derived from United  Nations Environment Program - Financial Institutions (UNEP-FI) statement. In other words, the  recognition, identification and quantification of environmental risk is becoming part of the routine process  of financial risk assessment and management.  The success of sustainability indexes widely being adopted by corporations is the first step, for the growing  link between sustainability and financial performance. The same approach which originally derived  environmental costs and risks has been enlarged to consider social aspects then forming with the  economic aspects a full package to sustainability. This paper deals with a summary of the inventory made on the main world development banks in 2010  regarding their status on the involvement with sustainability practices.    Download the full report here.  SUSTAINABILITY FINANCIAL Climate Change Risk assessment for sustainable project Biofuel and Biomass production Sustainable financial Sustainability management and reports Publications