CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability SURVEYS Publications Capturing your interest on research/educational initiatives related to environmental sciences and sustainable development issues   PURPOSE OF THE SURVEY This survey is being conducted by the Sustainability Crusade  Observatory hosted at the University of Pardubice and has only  academic objectives. The main purpose is to capture the type of  educational/training approach that people are more interested when  it concerns environmental sciences and sustainable development.  We also would like to know which topics are more interesting for you  among many of those that can be considered within the context of  environmental sciences and sustainable development.  It is important to know your personal dominant style of learning so  that you know how to get the most out of your investment. If you are  a person that comprehends easily through hearing and watching  others do things, such as a lecture with visual demonstration, then  you will always do well with a seminar. If you are a person that not only has to hear about it and  see it done, but experiment with hands-on in creating it yourself, then a workshop is always a  good option.  This questionnaire has 12 questions and can be completed in 5 minutes. If you do not have time  to complete the whole questionnaire, you can continue later at the same point where you  stopped last time. We will be grateful to get your feedback on this matter.  Yours sincerely, CLICK HERE Identification of passenger reaction to eco- marketing initiatives implemented by airlines PURPOSE OF SURVEY This survey is being conducted by the Sustainability Crusade  Observatory hosted at the University of Pardubice and has only  academic objectives. The results obtained will be analysed and  reported in a publication that will be freely available to visitors of the  website of CRUSUS ( The intention is to capture  the reaction of air passengers to certain initiatives promoted by  airlines worldwide that result in reduction of greenhouse gas  emissions or in carbon dioxide sequestration. These initiatives are  called "eco-marketing" campaigns and include mainly contribution on  voluntary basis with a certain donation ($) to a renewable/energy  efficiency project or reforestation project certified by the United Nations.  Other alternatives are available for frequent flyers within a miles programme. In this case, passengers  are encouraged to redeem their air miles for environmentally friendly rewards, such as eco-friendly  cleaning products, donations to eco-friendly research and eco-friendly campaigns, and green energy  services. There are still other possibilities not explored by airlines yet, that you will be inquired about in  this short questionnaire. These suggested initiatives may be welcome facing more stringent  environmental regulations for the air transport sector (e.g., the inclusion of the aviation sector in the  EU Emissions Trading Scheme as of 2012 when all intra-community flights will be subject to emission  restrictions). The survey consists of 21 questions and the estimated time of completion varies from 5 to 10 minutes.  OUTCOMES OF THE SURVEY  Please, answer to all questions. Your participation is very important. The results will be published in a  report and shared among airlines worldwide without any commercial benefits for us. Instead, benefits  may accrue to participants of this survey if they fly regularly or occasionally somewhere.  CLICK HERE Home