CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability University of Pardubice (UPCE) The University of Pardubice, mainly through the efforts of three faculties (Faculty  of Economics and Administration, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Jan  Perner Transport Engineering Faculty) have been showing interest on research  in sustainable development (SD), including a concern on the sustainable use of  energy. There is an institutional interest in the promotion of SD in the academic  sphere which goes beyond the research agenda and intends to be visible in the  creation of new programmes focused on SD issues. One of these intentions  attempts to meet the growing demand for highly skilled labour force in the field of  planning, research and development of renewable energy technologies.  More information about UPCE can be obtained at: Our main contact person at UPCE is also the director of CRUSUS:  Eng. Ticiano Costa Jordão, PhD candidate  email: University of Akureyri (UNAK)  The University of Akureyri (UNAK) currently offers an undergraduate programme  in environment and energy sciences and a Master degree in Natural Resources  Science. More information about UNAK can be obtained at: Our main contact person at UNAK  is: Prof. Johann Orlygsson  Lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Natural Resources Science and  coordinator for the Biofuels & Bioenergy specialization at the School for  Renewable Energy Sciences.  email:   The University of Azores (UoA)  The University of Azores (UoA) through the contribution of the the department of  Economics and Management and the department of Agricultural Sciences  currently offers an undergraduate programme on renewable energy sources and a  graduate programme on environmental engineering.  The University of Azores has been very much involved on research related to the  exploitation of renewable energy sources in the archipelago, particularly  geothermal energy. It has shown this commitment through various international  summer schools, workshops and conference being organized every year in  cooperation with foreign partners (including CRUSUS) and the regional  government of Azores.  More information about UoA can be obtained at:  Our main contact person at UoA  is: Assoc. Prof. José Manuel Rosa Nunes  email: The University of Corsica Pascal Paoli (UCPP)    The University of Corsica Pascal Paoli (UCPP) through its faculty of science and  technology is highly oriented to environment. Among other undergraduate and  graduate programmes, it also offers for 10 years master programmes on energy  systems and renewable energy sources, bio-resources and sustainable development,  Information Systems for Environment, Water and Environment Sciences, and Major  Risks. More information can be obtained at:  Our main contact person is: Prof. Philippe Poggi   The coordinator of the Master course on Energy Systems and Renewable Energy  Sources and the Director of R&D Solar and Energy Storage Plateform in Vignola-  Ajaccio. email:  NOVA School of Statistics and Information Management (ISEGI-NOVA)  The NOVA School of Statistics and Information Management at the NOVA  University of Lisbon provides valuable expertise in research activities related to  geomatics applied on renewable energy sources.  More information about ISEGI-NOVA can be obtained at: Our main contact person is: Assistant Prof. Pedro Cabral  Director of the MSc in GIS and Science programme, he has also been involved in  research on the bioenergy potential for the centre Region of Portugal.  email: OUR PARTNER Membrship See how we can help:  Entrepreneurs & companies  Students  Academics & Education Institutions See who are our:  Institutional Collaborators  Individual Collaborators Became our member: Membership CRUSUS Membership application