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The Neem Project – Reforestation and Orchard Plantation in Sustainable Basis for Industrial Purposes in Brazil   Wilson Jordão Filho 15.09.2005    The possibilities for new large agro-forestry projects in  tropical countries are impressive, mainly through  reforestation. Enormous portions of land originally tropical  forests or savannah devastated which went to soil  degradation can be recovered using Neem tree.  Among the agro-forestry projects it is remarkable the  agribusiness for the Neem tree in forest formation and/or  orchard to produce Neem oil, timber and other by products.  Neem oil is an excellent biopesticide and has a high price  in the international market, being the most expensive  vegetal oil.  Besides the biopesticide properties Neem timber is  equivalent to mahogany and can be used for furniture and  house finishing. Also some by products can be uses in  pharmaceutical industry and toiletry. The paper describe a large project in Brazil which is intended to be implemented as the  climate and geographical condition in Brazil are excellent for growing Neem tree. The natural  evolution of the integrated Neem business in three levels is described and illustrated.   Project can be benefited by CDM mechanisms obtaining tradable carbon credits for removing  CO2 from the atmosphere according to the cycle of cutting and harvesting of the plantation  to be considered within the concept of green carbon.  The Neem forest and plantation is indeed an interesting tool for promoting sustainable  projects in tropical countries while providing high return rates to investors and social  development in rural areas. As it can support organic agriculture in large scale there is an  extra credit to all Neem projects to be considered for removing agro toxics from the  traditional agriculture.  Figures for the expected financial return are also presented for growing periods of 12 years  showing IRR over 35%.    Download the full report here. CLIMATE CHANGE Come Back Climate Change Risk assessment for sustainable project Biofuel and Biomass production Sustainable financial Sustainability management and reports