CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability The Neem Project – Reforestation and Orchard Plantation in Sustainable Basis for Industrial Purposes in Brazil   Wilson Jordão Filho 15.09.2005 The possibilities for new large agro-forestry projects in tropical countries are impressive, mainly through reforestation. Enormous portions of land originally tropical forests or savannah devastated which went to soil degradation can be recovered using Neem tree. Among the agro-forestry projects it is remarkable the agribusiness for the Neem tree in forest formation and/or orchard to produce Neem oil, timber and other by products. Neem oil is an excellent biopesticide and has a high price in the international market, being the most more Integrated Agribusiness Project in Maranhão State, Brazil - Complex for biofuels and biomass   Wilson Jordão Filho 30.09.2006 Agribusiness complex formed by agricultural plantation, agro-  forest, forest and agro-industries for production of biofuels and  others, in the northeast of the state of the Maranhão comprising  a surface area of 230.000 hectares, near the city of Lago da  Pedra. Coordinates localization 5º of south latitude and 45º of  longitude west, about the 300 km from road to the seaport of  Itaqui. It encloses the totality of the farms Pedra Preta, Cunhãs  and Morro do Sal. Priority for possible acceleration for the early  initial production of...Read more.  Climate Change Risk assessment for sustainable project Biofuel and Biomass production Sustainable financial Sustainability management and reports Publications A FRAMEWORK OF GOVERNANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FACING CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE CARIBBEAN SMALL ISLAND DEVELOPING STATES: The Case of Guanaja Island in Honduras In the current debate on climate change, the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have gained a major concern since they contribute least to greenhouse gases but are most vulnerable to climate change, mainly when it concerns rising sea level. They comprise 52 States and Territories spread over the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans and Caribbean Sea...Read more AN ANALYSIS OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF FLIGHT ROUTE AND AIRCRAFT TYPE IN ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE OF AIRLINES BASED ON LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT: The Lufthansa Case   In the airlines sector, the reduction of fuel consumption became a major global target due to the recent surge in oil prices. Aircraft emissions have also been gaining importance, particularly in the European Union where apart from the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and its concerns related to ground level ozone formation...Read more