CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability The 2010 - 2020 World Outlook for Biofuels - Case Studies for Biodiesel and bioethanol   Wilson Jordão Filho  09.01.2010    Biofuels now play a critical role in meeting global fuel  demand. Experts think that prices of oil and gas would be  about 15% higher in case of no world biofuel production.  Global biofuel demand is expected to increase in the coming  years. In the European Commission’s view recommendation for the  use of biofuels will: (1) improve energy supply security, (2)  reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and (3) boost rural  incomes and employment...Read more  Biomass for Power Generation and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) - The State of the Art (a tutorial paper) Wilson Jordão Filho 10.01.2010   This paper is focused the use of biomass for producing heat and electricity in industrial and power plants solely or in combined heat & power schemes. Biomass is becoming a typical agribusiness in the last decades stimulated by the search for new sources of energy (heat and electricity) and fuels. A wide an complex framework for biomass can be found today involving different raw materials, processes and byproducts delivered to market. The figure which follows illustrates that. However evidence is clear for the concentration of investments in energy and biofuels...Read more. Climate Change Risk assessment for sustainable project Biofuel and Biomass production Sustainable financial Sustainability management and reports Publications The World Outlook for Biomass to Produce Heat and Power (Tutorial paper) Ancient way of converting biomass into energy is just burning to  produce heat, practiced for   thousands of years. Still this is the most common way for conversion  of biomass into energy   elsewhere. The heat generated from biomass can be used for heating,  cooking, and industrial   processes, or for producing electricity...Read more    The Implementation of Connected Reporting Framework in the Electric Utility Sector in Czech Republic Ticiano Costa Jordão, Vendula Teturová 26.5.2010  Several surveys on corporate social responsibility reporting  have shown that various companies around the world are  currently addressing social and environmental issues in their  reports. However, some companies have issued social and  environmental reports for each operating division or  geographic area, some for the entire corporation only, and  some have included this discussion in corporate annual  reports...Read more.