CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability download the complete programme CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK ON THE PICTURE Students and professionals are welcome  to join this summer course lead by an  international group of experts focused in  the main challenges of the aviation sector  within the context of sustainability. The global airline industry has been  playing a key role in the world economy  growth through its contribution to the  expansion of business and tourism  opportunities, besides facilitating social  cohesion, cultural exchange, humanitarian  aid and political gathering in important  international events.  Notwithstanding the strong grow in the traffic volumes in the last 40 years, the air passenger  transport sector has been mostly in a financial crisis in the past 15 years due to increasing  competition and external factors such as global recession, terror attcacks, soaring fuel price and  even global epidemics.  The summer school will address how airlines have been struggling to deal with these challenges  from different perspectives within the context of sustainability when the expectations and needs  of various stakeholders groups became more rilevant.  "SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT IN THE AIR PASSENGER TRANSPORT" LISBON, 9-13th September 2013 Events