CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability ABOUT US The Sustainability Crusade Observatory (CRUSUS) was founded in August  2010 with the purpose of sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas among  individuals who might be interested on sustainability issues, while attempting  to promote a common language for a change towards more sustainable  organizations and the society at large.    The founders of CRUSUS are Ticiano Costa Jordao and Wilson Jordao  Filho, respectively environmental engineer & lecturer at the Faculty of  Economics and Administration in the University of Pardubice, and senior  consulting & financial engineer.   They have been involved with environmental and sustainability issues along  their professional and academic lives in different economic sectors. Since the  foundation of CRUSUS, they have been establishing several forms of  partnerships and collaborations with institutions and experts involved in  various fields related to environment protection, renewable energy and  sustainability in the public and in the private sector.   Even students worldwide have been involved in their projects in contributing  for the expansion of CRUSUS network.The hexagon below clearly illustrates  six categories of services that CRUSUS has been focused in:  SUSTAINABILITY COMMUNICATION ACADEMIC CONSULTING RESEARCH BUSINESS CONSULTING BUSINESS TRADE LEARNING Home